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After it’s first ten years, Isabella’s Islay has already captured the attention of the world. More than just whisky, it is a sacrosanct union between some of the world’s finest craftsmanship, fanatical attention to detail and handmade and boutique quality in every facet of the design, manufacture and presentation.

Over 5000 diamonds, almost 250 rubies and the equivalent of almost two bars of white gold all covering a fine English handmade decanter define the works of the masters of their craft.

Harking back to another century with it’s grandeur yet youthful in it’s exuberance and delight, combined with it’s outrageous glory.

Isabella’s Islay Original with hot-buttered-toasty soot and woodsmoke character, a snug, silky mouthfeel whisky which offers a lesson in balance with notes of fresh barley, the texture is delicate and plush, with grace and refinement, a whisky in the prime of life.